Designing the new features for the 1.6 version of the StyleShoots Live’s iPad app
2018 – StyleShoots

The goals of the release is to:

  1. Make Video Templates more flexible, allowing the user to adjust the framing of each clip during a session and save the changes for subsequent sessions.
  2. Make behavior of Photos and Videos more similar conceptually in terms of selecting a template upfront, having the template choice influence framings, and separating out file exports.
  3. Allow users to group framings by having them linked to photo presets.
  4. Allowing more flexibility during recording and shooting. And furthermore make the live view and preview more accurate to avoid any surprises when exporting.

The design consisted in two main actions:

  1. Create a preset system that would allow the users to create them properly up front and then allow them to update them on the go.
  2. Give enough visual cues to make the shot and recordings the closest from the final export.