The world’s first robotic all-in-one photo and video machine for footwear

Eclipse premieres at MICAM

StyleShoots launched its 4th machine in September 2018 at the footwear industry’s leading international trade fair. In order to make a blast during this event the best marketing content had to be created and ready. 

What I did: Planning, Art Direction, Photography, Video, Video editing, App design, Marketing Material.

One machine. For all shoes.

From the website to the app

Conveying high quality and the high-tech aspect of the product, but keeping a hint of playfullness was my goal during the photo and video shoot and also all along during the project. Have a look at StyleShoots website here.

What Eclipse can do 

On the day of the event were positioned 4 big TV screens around the machine so anyone could see what you can achieve with this robotic photo studio. After making all the pictures and videos I edited this short video loop to be displayed during the show: watch the video here.